Story Time

Meet Rich. He used to work at a hedge fund. He learned the ins and outs of the industry, but ultimately felt that his well-being was tied to the markets. He thought, "There must be a better way," so he left Wall Street and created an AI to do his job for him.

His AI was superior to a human in nearly every way. After all, computers were kind of made to process data... He could finally sit back and relax while the AI did its thing. 

Word got out, and Rich's friends wanted him to help manage their portfolios too. So he founded alphaAI to bring peace of mind in investing to the everyone.

Stocks on a Screen


We believe everyone should have access to sophisticated hedge fund strategies, not just the ultra-wealthy. Our goal is to use AI to help you potentially outperform the S&P 500 over the long-term.


We firmly believe the future of investing will be dominated by machines. Stay ahead of the curve by joining us. We use AI to automate the process of "buying low and selling high" so that you don't have to worry. Rest easy knowing your portfolio has the potential to beat the S&P 500, regardless of the market environment.

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