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Absolute Return strategies

Consistent returns across all market conditions.

Our Absolute Return Strategies (ARS) are ideal for investors seeking consistent returns that are uncorrelated with the market. 

ARS have a persistent, long-short market exposure, which enables positive returns to be achieved regardless of market conditions. Long exposure is attained through ETFs while short exposure is gained through an inverse ETF. 

Our Kappa strategy aims to minimize portfolio beta and market correlation, while our Rho strategy seeks to reduce portfolio volatility.


  • Fees: 1% per year

  • Net Exposure: -20%-20%, on average

  • Portfolio Volatility: 15%-20%, on average

  • Leverage/Margin: None

  • Goal: Deliver consistent, uncorrelated returns

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Risk Management
Portfolio Diversification
Asset Allocation
Tax-Loss Harvesting

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Low portfolio beta and R2

Blended investment style

Fees: 1% per year



Low portfolio volatility

Blended investment style

Fees: 1% per year




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