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Tactical Long-Only, Value

Nu is a tactical long-only strategy that adjusts risk levels based on market conditions:

  • Uncertain market conditions: Nu adopts a conservative risk profile to minimize losses

  • Normal market conditions: Nu takes on a moderate, well-balanced risk profile

  • Ideal market conditions: Nu assumes an aggressive risk profile to maximize gains

Nu is ideal for investors who:

  • Seek risk management that adjusts to market conditions 

  • Want exposure to a value investment style

  • Have individual or joint accounts


  • Strategy Type: Tactical Long-Only

  • Goal: Optimize risk levels based on market conditions

  • Portfolio Volatility: 16-20%, on average

  • Market Cap: Large-Cap

  • Investment Style: Value

  • Equities Type: ETF

  • Leverage/Margin: None

  • Fees: 0.5% of AUM per year

  • Best for individual and joint accounts

Solutions Used

  • Automated Downside Protection

  • Automated Risk Management

  • Automated Portfolio Diversification

  • Automated Asset Allocation

  • Automated Tax Loss Harvesting


  • VTV (Vanguard Value Index ETF)

  • VOOV (Vanguard S&P 500 Value Index ETF)

  • IVV (iShares S&P 500 ETF)

Simulated Results

Provided for your reference

Nu Simulated - 2023-3-10.png

Why do we show simulated results?

Real results are not yet available for Nu. We provide simulated results to illustrate how a strategy could have performed historically. Simulated data is useful for getting a sense of a strategy's characteristics through a variety of market conditions. We have real results available for the following strategies: Sigma, Zeta, Pi, Phi, and Psi.

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