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Interactive Brokers New Account Creation Guidelines

Updated: Oct 6, 2022

How to Create a New Account

You should have received an email titled “Advisor Client Invitation” from Interactive Brokers. Click the link “Start Electronic Application” and follow the instructions.

"Account Details" Settings

  • "Customer Type" will be pre-filled for you based on your previously indicated preferences. Please leave it as is.

  • "Trading Account Type" will be pre-filled as "Margin" for "Individual," "Joint," and "IRA" accounts. Please leave it as is.

Why is "Margin" Necessary and How Does This Impact You?

Don't worry, we will never trade on margin! A margin account is needed to ensure a smooth process for trades and for cash deposits/withdrawals.

The alternative to a margin account is a cash account. There are strict regulations imposed on cash accounts. The main restriction is that you must wait two days for trades to settle before using those funds for other purposes, such as making another trade or withdrawing cash. If this restriction is breached, then a lengthy hold will be placed on your account, preventing you from being able to use your account for many months. For this reason, we have pre-filled your "Trading Account Type" as "Margin" instead of "Cash."

"Investment Experience" Settings

We have pre-filled this section for you. Please leave it as is.

You may be wondering why we pre-selected these options and how they affect you. Don't worry, they don't affect you in any way. These selections refer to our experience, not yours, and are needed to ensure we have access to the proper trading permissions. If you change these settings, then we may not be able to make the best trades for you. For example, if you changed the stock experience dropdown to "No Knowledge," then we would not be able to trade stocks on your behalf.

Other Settings You May Have Questions About

  • Service Plan: Select "IBRK PRO"

  • Stock Yield Enhancement Program: Select "Enroll"

  • Pending Items: After submission, your account will typically be approved by Interactive Brokers in 1-2 business days. In certain instances, you may be required to submit additional information or documentation. To do this, log into your account at This will bring you to the client portal. On this page, click the bell icon in the top right.

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