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Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to common questions about alphaAI.

How do we use AI?

We use AI to automate the entire investment process, from beginning to end.

At the heart of our proprietary AI system is a set of predictive machine learning models. Our models have been trained on multiple decades of data encompassing more than 10,000 global stocks. On average, each model is trained on more than 10 billion data points. Each model is trained to perform a unique predictive capability, and multiple models work together to make trading decisions. 

Our portfolio management system uses a rules-based approach to decide what to do with the predictions that our models generate. This includes making trades and managing risk according to your unique investor profile. This system also includes numerous failsafe protocols to ensure that all actions taken are within strictly defined parameters.

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Is it safe to let AI handle my money?

Yes, absolutely! There is a 0% chance that our AI technology will take unexpected actions – let us explain why. 

At its core, AI is simply machine learning (ML). ML is a branch of mathematics focused on the development of models that can learn patterns from data. 

We use a variety of predictive machine learning models combined with a rules-based approach to make trades and manage risk according to your unique investor profile. Our systems include numerous failsafe protocols to ensure that all actions taken are within strictly defined parameters.

Hopefully, you now have a better understanding of what AI is and how we use it. So don't worry – AI doesn’t have sentience, and there is no chance of it going off and making its own decisions. AI is another word for machine learning, and machine learning simply consists of a collection of predictive methods and models that can learn patterns from data.

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Are there any hidden fees? What’s the actual price?

We charge an annual advisory fee of 0.25%, which is deducted monthly (so 0.02% per month). We do not charge any account opening fees, minimum account fees, withdrawal or account closing fees, trading/commission fees, or account transfer fees.

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Is alphaAI a roboadvisor?

Yes, we are a roboadvisor, or, as we like to say, an automated investment platform. Simply put, a roboadvisor is an online platform that manages your investments automatically while helping you reach your financial goals.

How is alphaAI different from other roboadvisors?

We do more but charge less!

Unlike other major roboadvisors, such as Wealthfront and Betterment, we are one of the only ones that adjust portfolio risk levels in response to market conditions. Most other roboadvisors use a passive investment approach. This means that your portfolio is fixed, regardless of what happens in the market. So when the market declines, so does the value of your portfolio – ouch!

At alphaAI, we use responsive investment strategies to manage your risk. This means that when the markets are volatile or uncertain, we automatically reduce your risk to help minimize losses. On the flip side, when market conditions are ideal, we adjust your portfolio accordingly to help you capture the upside. And we do all this while charging the same, low fee of 0.25% a year that most other roboadvisors charge. 

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Do other roboadvisors use AI?

The short answer is no.

At alphaAI, we use predictive machine learning models to make trading decisions and manage risk in response to market conditions. In this sense, other major roboadvisors, such as Wealthfront and Betterment, are not doing this. 

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How hands-on or off is alphaAI?

alphaAI is completely hands-off – set it and forget it!

All you have to do is set your investor profile and choose one of our expert-built strategies. After that, we take care of everything for you. We automatically make trades and manage your portfolio’s risk in response to market conditions. Our leading-edge AI system stays on top of the market so you don’t have to. Rest easy knowing that regardless of what the market does, we are responding in the best way for you and your financial goals. 

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What assets can I invest in through alphaAI?

At this time, our strategies are optimized for ETFs. We will be adding additional asset classes in the future.

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