Automated capital deployment

Whether you're opening a new account or depositing additional cash into an existing account, our AI will make sure your capital is only deployed under the right market conditions.

Automated Exposure Management

Our AI increases market exposure to maximize returns during favorable conditions and holds more cash to reduce losses during periods of uncertainty.

Automated Asset Allocation

Our AI allocates more capital to assets that have a higher probability to perform well and less to assets that have a higher probability to perform poorly.

Automated Tax-Loss Harvesting

We automatically harvest year-end losses to provide you with additional returns in the form of reduced capital gains taxes.

Automated Capital Deployment

Because when deploy your cash matters.

Automated Capital Deployment Strategy - 2022-9-17.png


Proper timing of capital deployment can help prevent losses.

Example time.

If you had invested $1,000 in the S&P 500 at the beginning of 2022, you would have lost more than $200 in the first six months.

On the other hand, your losses would have been $0 under our capital deployment algorithm because your $1,000 would have been held as cash instead of invested into the market. 

How do we do this? For every cash deposit you make into your account, our AI analyzes billions of data points to determine the best times to deploy your capital into the market.


In the chart on the left, the red-shaded areas indicate time periods that were not optimal for capital deployment. For most of the first six months of 2022, the time was not right to invest cash deposits into the market.

Automated Exposure Management

Because the market doesn't always go up.



Proper exposure management can enhance returns by responding systematically to market conditions. 

Example time.

In an ideal world, you would increase your market exposure when the market is likely to go up and decrease exposure when the market is likely to go down.

We are not perfect (no one is), but that's the idea behind our automated exposure management algorithms. 

The chart on the right shows real results from our Sigma strategy:

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