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Fees shouldn't get in the way of gains.

Pricing for investment advisors exists on a spectrum.


On one end, you have automated passive advisors (also known as robo-advisors). They typically charge fees of 0.25% or less. However, you get what you pay for since they usually don't do much more than help you rebalance your portfolio.

On the other end, you have hedge funds, which typically charge steep fees of 2% on top of taking 20% of any gains you make. They justify their high fees through sophisticated investment strategies. 

Then you have us, sitting somewhere in the middle. Our goal is to make sophisticated investment strategies available to everyone for a low fee. And we are able to do so through advances in technology and automation!

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Our Fees

For a limited time, clients who sign up will become a part of our Founder's Class and enjoy exclusive benefits:

  • Fees are reduced by 50% for life

  • First $5,000 managed free for life

  • $1,000 managed free for life for every referral

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Pricing Comparison
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