Portfolio diversification is the practice of spreading investments around so that exposure to any one type of asset is limited. Personalized portfolios refer to the creation of a portfolio that is tailored to a client’s investor profile, preferences, and goals. Tax loss harvesting is the timely selling of securities at a loss to offset the amount of capital gains tax owed from selling profitable assets. An individual taxpayer can write off up to $3,000 in net losses annually. Tax loss harvesting does not apply to short-term trades subject to the wash sale loss rule. At alphaAI, tax loss harvesting is done where applicable; however, the majority of trades made in client accounts are subject to the wash sale loss rule and do not qualify for tax loss harvesting. In these cases, losses, if any, are used to offset the cost basis, resulting in a lower amount of capital gain, if any. Dynamic portfolio adjustments are defined as actions taken to optimally position a client portfolio for changing market conditions based on their investor profile and risk tolerance. Automated risk management is defined as the automatic adjustment of client portfolio risk levels (such as net exposure, beta, and R2) in response to market conditions. Responsive downside protection is defined as actions taken in response to market conditions to protect clients from losses. Dynamic asset allocation is defined as active portfolio rebalancing to maximize gains and minimize losses in response to market conditions. Automated portfolio hedging is defined as the management of net exposure and long/short positions to hedge portfolios against potential market drawdowns.
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We placed our bet on ai for investment early on

By blending leading-edge artificial intelligence with financial expertise, we're setting new standards for investment roboadvisors, empowering you to achieve your financial goals with confidence and clarity.

Trust, transparency, and technology are at the core of investing with alphaAI.

Trust is the cornerstone of any financial endeavor. At alphaAI, we champion transparency. With clear pricing, no hidden fees, and a commitment to keeping you informed every step of the way, we're redefining what it means to invest in the digital age. Our SEC registration and adherence to the highest digital encryption standards further underscore our dedication to your security and success.

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Goodbye passive strategies.

A smarter, more responsive, AI-driven way to invest.

alphaAI is the only roboadvisor platform that runs investment strategies powered by artificial intelligence. We continuously revolutionize the investment landscape through the power of AI. Our leading-edge models and advanced algorithms enable retail investors to make smarter decisions, optimize portfolios, and continuously adapt to market conditions.

alphaAI portfolio suggestions functionality on mobile app
Take your investment strategy to the next level.

Automatically adapt to changing market conditions.

At alphaAI, every strategy has four modes: Surge, Steady, Cautious, and Defense. Our investment AI will automatically switch between modes based on market conditions, ensuring that your portfolio is always best-positioned to achieve your financial goals.

surge mode

Surge mode

When market conditions are ideal, your portfolio switches to Surge mode to capitalize on market upside.

steady mode

Steady mode

Under normal market conditions, your portfolio switches to Steady mode for balanced results.

cautious mode

Cautious mode

When the markets are uncertain, your portfolio switches to Cautious mode to minimize losses.

defense mode

Defense mode

Under poor market conditions, your portfolio switches to Defense mode to focus on capital preservation.

Introducing the Market Risk Monitor

One of alphaAI’s key differentiators is our Market Risk Monitor (MRM). We use MRM to help manage your strategy’s modes. The AI system behind our MRM digests daily data for more than 10,000 global stocks.

alphaAI market risk monitor
Buy-and-hold is a thing of the past.

Beyond Traditional Roboadvisors

While roboadvisors have made waves in democratizing investment, alphaAI takes it a step further. Our platform learns, adapts, and evolves with every market fluctuation. This continuous learning ensures that your investment strategy is always several steps ahead, maximizing returns and minimizing risks.

Superior Performance

Our AI-powered platform consistently delivers market-beating results, giving you a competitive edge.

Intelligent Insights

Gain valuable insights and make informed investment decisions with our sophisticated analytics.

Two mockups of the alphaAI mobile platform. On the left, the home screen and on the right a portfolio distribution suggestion screen

Why choose alphaAI?

Because every dollar saved yields multiples more through compound interest. Because every dollar lost creates a bigger hole to climb out of. With alphaAI, you're not just investing; you're building long-term wealth by minimizing losses during market downturns and capitalizing on growth opportunities during upturns. It's time to experience the alphaAI difference.

Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to common questions about alphaAI.

How does alphaAI use AI?

We use AI to automate the entire investment process, from beginning to end.

At the heart of our proprietary, industry-leading AI system is a set of predictive machine learning models. Our models have been trained on multiple decades of data encompassing more than 10,000 global stocks. On average, each model is trained on more than 10 billion data points. Each model is trained to perform a unique predictive capability, and multiple models work together to make trading decisions. 

Our portfolio management system uses a rules-based approach to decide what to do with the predictions that our models generate. This includes making trades and managing risk according to your unique investor profile. This system also includes numerous failsafe protocols to ensure that all actions taken are within strictly defined parameters.

Read more about our technology.

Is it safe to let AI handle my money?

Yes, absolutely! There is a 0% chance that our AI technology will take unexpected actions – let us explain why. 

At its core, AI is simply machine learning (ML). ML is a branch of mathematics focused on the development of models that can learn patterns from data. 

We use a variety of predictive machine learning models combined with a rules-based approach to make trades and manage risk according to your unique investor profile. Our systems include numerous failsafe protocols to ensure that all actions taken are within strictly defined parameters.

Hopefully, you now have a better understanding of what AI is and how we use it. So don't worry – AI doesn’t have sentience, and there is no chance of it going off and making its own decisions. AI is another word for machine learning, and machine learning simply consists of a collection of predictive methods and models that can learn patterns from data.

Read more about our technology.

Are there any hidden fees? What’s the actual price?

At alphaAI, we don’t believe in the traditional management fee model. Why should your costs go up as your assets increase?

We charge a single, flat subscription fee. This is the only way we make money. We do not charge account opening fees, minimum account fees, withdrawal fees, or account closing fees.

At alphaAI, our mission is to make sophisticated investment strategies accessible to everyone! We pride ourselves in our affordable and transparent pricing.

Learn more about our pricing.

What is the minimum account size?

There are no account minimums, none! We have the option to use fractional shares, ensuring our tech is accessible to any account value. You can enable fractional shares in your account settings.

How is alphaAI different from other roboadvisors?

alphaAI is the only roboadvisor that adjusts your portfolio to the markets in real-time. Other roboadvisors use a purely passive investment approach, which leaves you unable to take advantage of market trends.

At alphaAI, we use responsive investment strategies to manage your risk. This means that when the markets are volatile or uncertain, we automatically reduce your risk to help minimize portfolio volatility.

Read more about the alphaAI difference.

What is alphaAI’s investment philosophy? How do you control risk and drawdowns?

Our goal is simple: deliver better risk-adjusted returns than the market. We do this by focusing on automated, high-upside strategies that primarily invest in leveraged ETFs, such as TQQQ and UPRO. 

Our AI system adjusts your strategy to your unique investor profile and risk tolerance. We adapt your portfolio’s risk level to the markets in real-time, helping keep your portfolio’s volatility and drawdowns within your defined acceptable range. We control risk in two key ways: market exposure management and tactical asset allocation. The result: better returns for the amount of risk taken on.

Read more about our investment philosophy here.

Why does alphaAI focus on leveraged ETFs? Aren’t they highly risky?

We focus on leveraged ETFs because of their potential for significant returns. For example, TQQQ has returned an average of 41% per year since its inception. Those are the kinds of numbers that excite us, and you are the ideal client if that also excites you.

However, higher potential returns also mean higher potential losses. That is why our primary focus is on risk management. We use automated market exposure management and tactical asset allocation to ensure your portfolio’s risk matches your investor profile and risk tolerance. 

For reference, the S&P 500 has an annual average volatility of 20% — think of volatility as a measure of risk. With our tech, you can specify the level of risk you’re comfortable with — whether it’s less, more, or the same as the S&P 500 — and our AI system will handle the rest.

How hands-on or off is alphaAI?

alphaAI is completely hands-off – set it and forget it!

All you have to do is set your investor profile and customize your strategies. After that, we take care of everything for you. We automatically make trades and manage your portfolio’s risk in response to market conditions. Our leading-edge AI system stays on top of the market so you don’t have to. Rest easy knowing that regardless of what the market does, we are responding in the best way for you and your financial goals. 

Read more about how the alphaAI process works.

What assets can I invest in through alphaAI?

Our strategies are optimized for ETFs, including leveraged and inverse ETFs. We will be adding additional asset classes in the future.

Still have questions?

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AI moves fast – so should you.

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