Investment Strategy Modes

The smarter, more responsive way to invest

At alphaAI, every strategy has four modes: Surge, Steady, Cautious, and Defense. Our investment AI will automatically switch between modes based on market conditions, ensuring that your portfolio is always best-positioned to achieve your financial goals.

Defense Mode

Protect your portfolio under poor market conditions.

Growing your portfolio is often about steering clear of the market's worst days. In fact, missing these bad days can be more beneficial than chasing the best ones. Our Defense Mode automatically shields your investments when our AI system detects risky market conditions.

Cautious Mode

Minimize risk while staying in the game.

When the market gets shaky, your strategy switches to Cautious Mode. This means we dial down the risk but keep you in the game for potential gains. It's a smart way to stay safe but still open to opportunities, even in uncertain times.

Steady Mode

A balanced profile for normal market conditions.

Under typical market conditions, your strategy moves to Steady Mode. This approach aims for consistent, balanced outcomes. A straightforward way to keep your investments on track, ensuring steady growth without overexposure to risk.

Surge Mode

Capitalize on uptrends.

When the market is thriving, your strategy is set to Surge Mode. This is when we actively seek to maximize gains by tapping into the market's positive momentum. It's all about making the most of great conditions, boosting your investment growth when the opportunity is just right.